The Cambridge University Experimental Music Ensemble (CueMe) was founded in 2021 under the visionary leadership of composer, researcher, and improviser Saman Samadi. Samadi's initiative received support from Peter McMurray of the Faculty of Music at the University of Cambridge and Lynette Alcántara of Wolfson College. The ensemble embarked on its journey with a distinct mission: to breathe new life into the classics of 20th-century repertoire through innovative and unconventional performances.

CueMe stands at the vanguard of the experimental music scene, challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries of interpretation. Its groundbreaking approach involves subjecting works from the annals of musical history, originally not conceived as 'experimental,' to a process of meticulous experimentation. This novel mode of interpretation aims to reveal hidden dimensions and unexplored possibilities within these compositions, effectively infusing fresh vitality into the classics.

In addition to their bold reinterpretations of historical works, CueMe enthusiastically embraces the contemporary music landscape. The ensemble is equally eager to perform pieces by both emerging and established living composers, providing a platform for the evolution of musical expression in the modern era.

CueMe made its dazzling debut at the prestigious West Road Concert Hall on May 10, followed by another mesmerizing performance at Lee Hall, Wolfson College, Cambridge, on May 14. Through their unwavering commitment to innovation and artistic excellence, CueMe aspires to emerge as a trailblazing force within the realm of experimental music, continually redefining the boundaries of musical performance and interpretation.


Fatima Lahham, recorder

Coby O'Brien, flute

Ella Nixon, clarinet

Isidore Hiscock, clarinet, saxophone 

Eric Petzoldt, saxophone, loutar

Valentina Ciniglio, saxophone

Dan Phillips, violin

Emily Abbott, violin 

Bethany Norman, violin

Alice Drury, violin, piano

Katrina Toner, violin, voice

Nicky Swett, cello

Cressie Gethin, cello, voice 

Imogen Aley, cello

Gregory May, double bass

David Cotter, guitar

William Want, guitar 

James MacConnachie, guitars, piano

Reuben Bance, banjo, percussion, piano

Archie Morter, percussion

Lea Luka Tiziana, voice

Jonathan McClure, voice, keyboards 

Alex Wrathall, voice, keyboards

Misha de Fockert, electronics

Kristin Barone-Samadi, piano

Chrysi Nanou, electronics, piano

Saman Samadi, conductor, piano

Board of Directors

Saman Samadi, Founder, President, Artistic Director
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Eric Petzoldt, Vice-President
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Coby O'Brien, Secretary
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Alice Drury, Treasurer
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